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Grizzly Bear by Sue Rasmussen

Malcolm Furlow

"Wild at Heart" by Linda St. Clair

Bear Essentials - Betsy Buckner

Karen Ahlgren. Bear painting. Watercolor.

Karen Ahlgren Grizzly Twilight Too Gouache and Water color

Grizzly Bear: Ursus Arctos Horribilis » What a wonderful illustration by @Mike Berndt, looking forward to see all the other animal prints!

A Will O' the Wisp leads Merida and her mother in bear form to Mor'du's lair.

Hibernation –sung to “Alouette” Hibernation. Time for Hibernation. Hibernation. Time to go to sleep. In the winter where’s the bear? Sleeping in its cave or lair. Where’s the bear? cave or lair. Oh! In the winter where’s the frog? Sleeping by a pond or log. In the winter where’s the snake? In the mud beneath the lake. In the winter where’s the bat? In a cave is where its at. (Yeah, ending a sentence with a preposition bothers me, but I guess I can handle it for the sake ...

This Spirit Bear cub was hibernating nearby the...