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APL Staff Picks for Kids

Dog Days - The first entry in the Carver Chronicles series introduces the reader to Gavin, the new kid at Carver Elementary.

Dog Days | Appleton Public Library, WI

Never Say a Mean Word Again - This picture book is based on a medieval folktale about poet Samuel Ha-Nagid, a vizier in Granada, a city in Spain.

Never Say a Mean Word Again | Appleton Public Library, WI

Flights, Chimes and Mysterious Times - This steam punk adventure takes place primarily in Londinium, a dangerous alternative London ruled over by the Lady and filled with all things mechanical.

This is a Moose - This is a very serious non-fiction book about a very serious documentary film about about a mighty moose in his natural, traditional habitat—CUT! Book review about This is a Moose: Take Two!

This is a Moose | Appleton Public Library, WI

Help! We Need a Title! - First published in France in 2013, this book by the author of Press Here is a fun addition to Tullet's growing collection of stellar interactive picture books.

Help! We Need a Title! | Appleton Public Library, WI

The Lost Stone - This first entry in the new Kingdom of Wrenly series is an excellent beginning chapter book for new readers

The Lost Stone | Appleton Public Library, WI

The Alchemist War - Dawk and Hype live in the 25th century, but their parents are research scientists which allow them to travel through space and time.

The Alchemist War | Appleton Public Library, WI

The Tooth Fairy Wars - Most children happily trade their baby teeth for money from the tooth fairy, but not Nathan. He wants to keep his baby teeth FOREVER.

The Tooth Fairy Wars | Appleton Public Library, WI

Secrets of the Seasons - Have you noticed it? Alice’s friend Zack has. The summer sun is setting earlier and earlier every day.

Secrets of the Seasons | Appleton Public Library, WI

Mr. Ball Makes a To-Do List - This graphic novel entry in the Jump-Into-Chapters series stars Mr. Ball--a round yellow ball with arms and legs who enjoys making lists.

Mr. Ball Makes a To-Do List | Appleton Public Library, WI

Uni the Unicorn

Uni the Unicorn | Appleton Public Library, WI

The Fantastic Jungles of Henri Rousseau by Michelle Markel

Helen Keller's Best Friend Belle by Holly Barry

Benjamin Bear in Bright Ideas by Philippe Coudray