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Alyssa Tomblin

Alyssa Tomblin

The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learn Is To Be Loved, And Loved In Return

Mormon Ad: I'll go where you want me to go, missionary work

Two elflings messing around. And Elrond stands there like meh, children.

  • Audrey McIntosh

    What the heck this is hilarious!!! Is this in the extended editions, cause if it is i need to watch them.

  • Lauren Koehler

    It's in one of the behind the scenes features. I wanna say its in a segment called "Cameras on Middle-earth" in Fellowship.

MERLIN'S BEARD... it's kinda underwhelming, it's supposed to be long and white and fluffy!! lol. hahahahahaha

the real middle-ages

So I wasn't the only one who thought of Uther

BBC Sherlock funny

14 Church Puns So Bad They're Actually Hilarious

Toph = Sass | these make me laugh so hard all the time

Honestly, it's what any normal person would have done.