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Karen Mathison machine-quilted swirl and leaf designs in the star blocks, setting triangles, and corner triangles. She stipple-quilted the appliquéd block backgrounds and filled each setting square with a large rose motif. She featured wave, vine, and rose garland patterns in the inner, middle, and outer borders, respectively.

Becky Goldsmith machine-quilted a variety of straight lines, zigzags, and loops in the leaf appliqués. She filled in the quilt center and outer border backgrounds with floral motifs and stitched a flower design in each circle appliqué. In the inner border she stitched three rows of parallel lines spaced about 3⁄8" apart.

Designer Pat Sloan machine-quilted a free-form flower in each block, then straight-line quilted some of the outer border stripes.

Amy Walsh machine-quilted a dense pattern of swirls, loops, and paisleys across the quilt top. The dark cream thread color melts into the background fabric, adding texture without distracting from the floral and geometric designs.

Using black crochet cotton and long running stitches (about 1⁄4" with 1⁄4" spaces in between), Lorraine Hofmann hand-quilted a 3"-wide diamond grid across the quilt top.

Maggi Honeyman machine-quilted the dark print in each block with various designs, including feathers, stipples, pebbles, and loops. In the light prints she stitched an arc from corner to corner and added a loop design in the center.

Rosemary Skinner machine-quilted a 1"-wide diagonal grid in each sashing strip and stitched feather designs in the blocks and borders.

Diane Tricka machine-quilted a symmetrical pattern of intersecting angles and narrow shapes. She stitched a wavy line in the sashing and inner border and quilted diagonal lines in the outer border.

Designer Virginia Cole stitched circles in the solid brown rectangle. (She used a CD as the template for the large circle and a spool of thread as the template for the small circle.) In the solid tan and solid pink rectangles, she quilted randomly spaced horizontal lines.

Designers Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle machine-quilted freehand spirals across the quilt top to contrast with the rectangular pieces.

Machine-quilter Bernie Farris combined echo quilting, feather patterns, and dense wave designs in the appliquéd units. She filled the remaining portions of the quilt center with a variety of feather designs and featured a three- or four-leaf pattern in each Maple Leaf block.

Cathy Peters and Lynn Graham machine-quilted a feathered wreath in each block center and filled in the block backgrounds with a small diagonal grid. They stitched a cable design in the sashing rectangles and added a larger diagonal grid in the setting and corner triangles.

To create cross-hatching, Jacqueline Pohl machine-quilted diagonally through the center of each Nine-Patch unit and 3-1⁄2" square in the Double Nine-Patch blocks. She stitched a feathered leaf design in the setting blocks and a feathered vine in the setting and corner triangles and borders.

Rebecca Stahl machine-quilted feather designs in the white tone-on-tone areas. She also stitched a feather through the center of the blue batiks in each corner of the quilt top.