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McDonald's high chair. I remember these in Princeton and the clear windows with the hard candy dividers...

1970's KFC....before it became just 3 letters (but still just as "good" for you then as it is now ).Please,the ad should have been a warning to all about it's "nutrition "

Goody snap-tight barrettes. I would typically wear about 10 at once! :)

A blast from my childhood :) Love Holly Hobbie! Bought one with my pocket money when I was about 7... still have her too :)

Strawberry Shortcake gets a makeover

afterschool special! - my mom's having a baby.....or today... my teenager is having a baby.

The Daly Planet: NASCAR's After School Special

Banana Seat bikes

Life in the NohoDome: Popping vs. Riding a Wheelie circa 1973

Chalk holder for making lines or staffs

Circe's Bohemia: Back to school: Vintage style!

You could call the number for the time and temperature lady.

Cursive writing guides above the chalkboard and pull-down maps.

Primary school letter cards

Cookie-Crisp 1977 {now THIS was always my Fav!!}

1970S Popular Toys | baby alive She really did poop & pee and came with disposable diapers. Kind of gross after the novelty wore off.