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Prayers & support for this family! -Fighting to stay afloat while son fights Chiari Malformation | Other -

Chiari Malformation: What is it? The basics of this rare disorder.

www.conquerchiari... Conquer Chiari Walk Across America is an annual fundraising and awareness event comprised of a series of local walks held on the same day. The goal is to bring awareness and education to the community and to raise money for Chiari Malformation reasearch.

September is Chiari Malformation awarness month.

Chiari awareness month! It's amazing that people don't even begin to try and understand what we go through on a daily basis

Weave a Zipper Purse!!!!Supplies •Coats All Purpose Zippers, 7”, 14 zippers in a variety of colors •Coats All Purpose Zippers, 22” 7 zippers for horizontal strips and handles •Hot glue •Scissors •Straight pins

Chiari coffee mugs....I think I need some....

Help support Aprils Fight Against Chiari.

Friends don't let friends fight Chiari alone! ♥ April DeWitt

If you have chiari or know someone who has chiari, check out my page. It's a friendly community & a place to find support & encouragement even in the day to day struggles with chiari. ♥ April

Chiari Malformation, Fibro and Chronic Kidney Issues Make this SO True

This is Sarah Bear. She is another important member of the TG Bears Charity Bear line-up and with her very presence makes an important awareness statement. She is promoting awareness for and of Chiari Malformation and Syringomyelia

Chiari and It's many Associated Disorders & Conditions

keyhole, would be a really cool Chiari Tattoo!

Chiari Malformation - EXACTLY how I feel!