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Modern Beauty Shop Magazine . Feather bangs c.1940's. Click the pic for larger directions...

Beauty is a thing of the past: Feather Bangs

Style With a Triple Life. 1940's Click the pic for larger directions...

Beauty is a thing of the past: Style With a Triple Life

1940s Hairstyles for Short Hair | 1940's updo tutorial

Fashionable Forties: A 1940's updo tutorial

Short and chic summer style c.1940's

ShortAndChic003.jpg (image)

Modern Screens beauty expert Carol Carter reports for Vintage Makeup and shows you how to match your given face with a glamorous Hollywood star in 1940′s make-up and hairstyle.

4 quick steps to a streak

Chronically Vintage: Be a summertime vintage streaker!

How to curl hair using 4 vintage methods.

Vintage Hairstyle Techniques - How To Create Rag Curl

How to: Vintage Inspired hair

嘀咕网 - 收集高清唯美图片,分享你所爱,结识心朋友

How to finger wave. A step by step guide to doing finger waves in hair. How it's done...Hairstyles for you, by Ivan of Hollywood

Tutorial - Easy Vintage Hair by *MauserGirl on deviantART

Tutorial - Easy Vintage Hair by MauserGirl on deviantART

Hair wrap ideas.

How to: Curly Quiff

How to make Vintage Wave Bangs / Pin Curls - Hair Tutorial

I read through all of these, and there are some REALLY great ideas! Especially regarding drawing the perfect cat eye...

16 Makeup Tricks Every Woman Should Know

How to get curls in just minutes.

Beauty Bits: Quick Date Night Curls
  • Daisy Carrillo

    This might work for girls with thin hair but what about girls like me with a lot of thick hair?

  • April

    I have pretty thick hair and I've tried it and it worked! I just put duck clips on the curls once completed to let them cool and my curls came out great!

  • Daisy Carrillo

    Thanks for the tip ;-)