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How to do finger waves, vintage hair tutorial. This is a great tutorial!

Vintagehair, I have failed thee

Modern Beauty Shop Magazine . Feather bangs c.1940's. Click the pic for larger directions...

Beauty is a thing of the past: Feather Bangs

Style With a Triple Life. 1940's Click the pic for larger directions...

Beauty is a thing of the past: Style With a Triple Life

1940s Hairstyles for Short Hair | 1940's updo tutorial

Fashionable Forties: A 1940's updo tutorial

Short and chic summer style c.1940's

ShortAndChic003.jpg (image)

Modern Screens beauty expert Carol Carter reports for Vintage Makeup and shows you how to match your given face with a glamorous Hollywood star in 1940′s make-up and hairstyle.

4 quick steps to a streak

Chronically Vintage: Be a summertime vintage streaker!

How to curl hair using 4 vintage methods.

Vintage Hairstyle Techniques - How To Create Rag Curl

How to: Vintage Inspired hair

嘀咕网 - 收集高清唯美图片,分享你所爱,结识心朋友

How to finger wave. A step by step guide to doing finger waves in hair. How it's done...Hairstyles for you, by Ivan of Hollywood

Tutorial - Easy Vintage Hair by *MauserGirl on deviantART

Tutorial - Easy Vintage Hair by MauserGirl on deviantART

Hair wrap ideas.

How to make Vintage Wave Bangs / Pin Curls - Hair Tutorial

I read through all of these, and there are some REALLY great ideas! Especially regarding drawing the perfect cat eye...

16 Makeup Tricks Every Woman Should Know