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When Tim Tebow wore John 3:16 on his eye black to a certain game, over 92 million people looked that verse up on Google. That means over 92 million people heard the Gospel just because one man took a stand.

If I close my eyes, will it stop? yes, this picture is really sad. But it defines a very dark time in my life. and I have it up her so that every time i see it I will pray for anyone anywhere going through the same pain I did. :( There is freedom in Christ Jesus! All the pain, hate, depression, thoughts of suicide don't have to define YOU. Satan has stolen pieces of you but The Lord wants to give them back. He still has them for you in a pretty package. You just have to get them. If you want it....come and get it! The love that He has given you was never in doubt. Let go of your heart...let go of your head and feel it now...give it to Him!

  • Dennis Hester

    It's hard to see the things that bring us pain, but that's the only way we can heal and be free of our pain and the things that have hurt us. God give us the courage to see.

  • April Baynes

    Yes Dennis! Glory to God!!'

Prayer board - I love this idea of having a constant reminder of those we need to be in prayer for! I'm definitely making one of these!

Another incredible worship team!

vessels for The voice of the Holy Spirit Brian and Jenn Johnson