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KidNotorious' Addams Family - Bill Ward

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Hey Arnold forever.

Hey Arnold... hey...

Hey Arnold HD Sweater Crewneck Sweatshirt by YeahWhateverz on Etsy, $59.87

The best part of Hey Arnold.

The best part of Hey Arnold.

The Lion King relates to Hamlet because, Scar, Mufasa's brother kills Mufasa for power over the land and to be the king. In Hamlet's case, Claudius is Scar and Hamlet is Mufasa. Claudius murdered King Hamlet in order to be king of Denmark. It is crazy what power can do to people, especially brothers.

ROFLrazzi - the lion king - the lion king

Brothers Mufasa (James Earl Jones) & Scar (Jeremy Irons) from "The Lion King"

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Ahh Family Guy. Back when the show had a classical meaningful humor.

The Lion King. "You're so weird." "You have no idea."

It's the one named SAILOR MOON •.•

♥ Sailor Moon Even if the American version I love Sailor Moon

Home sick from school — or on summer break — your life changed forever with a theme song. | 20 Memories Only '90s Anime Fans Have

20 Memories Only '90s Anime Fans Have

"Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie: Black Dream Hole" - Mamoru and Super Sailor Moon.

♥ Sailor Moon and Mamo-chan but honestly, my prince would be Seiya ;) Sure he's really a woman but as a guy, total sweetie!

Twitter / SailorMoonQuots: So true #SailorMoon ...

Sailor Moon character eyes :-) I remember drawing these everywhere since the 4th grade!

Sailor moon flats. AAHHHH!

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