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Want to Help Your Kid in High School? One Teacher Shows How

TAPE ENVELOPES INTO NOTEBOOKS: Organizing Research Notes for Expository Writing [Each envelope represents a subtopic. Inside the envelopes, students tuck pieces of support or facts for that particular subtopic. Folds up and fits in writing folders.

Good idea - Use nesting tupperware boxes to illustrate the concepts of House, Town, State, Country, Continent, Planet.

1. Give each storyteller a bucket and send her on a hunt for objects such as a stone, branch, spoon, flower, or teacup. When the buckets are full, have each person pick one item to bring to the circle. 2. The first person begins the story by setting the scene and including her object. The next person continues the story with his item. The game goes around the circle until the last player ends the story. 3. Each player picks a different object from her bucket, and the group tells a new story.

awesome collection of math anchor charts for fourth grade

Secret Stories ‘OUS’ Whenever three friends play together, one always seems to get ‘left-out.’ And when these three play- it’s always ‘poor little o’ that never gets to join in the fun! That’s why, when ‘o, u & s’ get together… “It’s just…………… “US!” Examples: ridiculous, strenuous, joyous

Reading Disabilities: 15 Causes and 10 Solutions - - Pinned by @PediaStaff – Please Visit for all our pediatric therapy pins

Research - Homeschoolers

"Challenge capsules" for students who finish early-- keep those high achievers moving :) SOOOO CLEVER

Common Core Math Games by grade love this site!!