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The Creepiest Photo Album Part IV -


The Creepiest Photo Album Part IV -

GERMAN SPERMATORRHOEA RING 1894 (Phisick) Angels may not cry when boys touch themselves, but the wearer certainly will. Though “spermatorrhoea” technically means involuntary loss of semen, this device wasn’t picky. The male organ was placed inside the inner ring and the teeth were tightened till not quite touching the flaccid and therefore inoffensive member. However, should any engorgement or growth occur, the teeth would bite.

10 Medical Tools You’re Glad Only Exist in Museums

Between 1939 and 1951, mental asylums were flooded with patients due to World War II. During this time, in the United States alone over 18,000 lobotomies were performed on veterans, prisoners, rebels/political opponents, and even misbehaving children.

This is why I don't go for walks at night

Here's Fluffy !! Once a Reindeer now a wolf see how at Syderwood

Ferocious Vethala at Mahalaxmi Temple, Dodagadavalli (Karnataka) Dated: 1117CE Photo by: Vijay Kumar The vetala (or vethala) are spirits inhabiting the corpses of humans who cause misery to the living.