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Places I've Been

(and vow to return to).

The original Moulin Rouge, photographed by Albert Kahn the year before it burned down -- Paris, 1914

Basilique du Sacré-Cœur, Montmartre, Paris XVIII

musee d'orsay..Paris

Lüneburg - Am Sande

Cancun, Mexico. (I know it's super typical vacation-wise, but I effing LOVE Cancun. It feels as close to Heaven as I've ever been).

Hamburg, Germany (Not my favorite place. I feel like I lived a bad past life there or something. I had bad karma here).

Berlin, Germany

I love Paris in the Springtime... (I was there in 1997. My teenage, heart was soaring).

Nice, France. Another gorgeous place. (I always think of "Fool on the Hill" when I remember Nice. It's where Paul filmed that sequence for Magical Mystery Tour).

Cologne, Germany. "Der Kölner Dom." Such a fun, beautiful city.