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Free spirit flower child Be creative with yr own boards

Im thinking this is an awesome tattoo. Buddha, Ying Yang, Tree of life

Ladakh Lucid Dreams Chiffon Dress #urbanoutfitters

Nippur Map 1400 BCE The oldest known map ever found.

Sunflower art:)


Durga ~ Reawaken the Remembrance

Sitting area, I like how the addition of pillows and blankets make it more cozy.

Ladybugs love raisins...and your garden loves ladybugs.

How To Make A Butterfly Feeder To Attract Butterflies

Mixed Media Art Print Full Color Illustration Flowers Fashion Illustration - gorgeous colours! 11x17" print only $18!

The Golden Ratio of Beauty: "There's a "golden ratio" for faces. Faces were considered most attractive when the features were set apart according to certain ratios. Ideally, you want the distance between your eyes and mouth to be about 36 percent of the length of your face. And, ideally, the distance between your eyes should be 46 percent of your face's width..." (Adrianna Lima)

We find a special attraction to horses and horse themed accessories in today’s fashion industry. Designers like Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Hermes are well known for their creations with this subject. Hermes probably is the best known house that solely focuses on any type of design that involves horses. Year of the Horse, 2014

How to Attract Fireflies - learn tips for calling them in plus fun facts and book suggestions.

Herbs that attract butterflies: Dill, Mint, Parsley, Sage, Lavender Oregano

I think this is an easy fun way to integrate art and nature. It encourages the children to use natural materials to create an entirely new design or image.

Lots of cement? check. Easy/cheap to maintain landscaping? check. Outdoor fire pit? Check. Horizontal fencing? Check. Perfect.