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Shadows/the unintentional things/collateral can be manipulated

Koen van den Broek


Laurent Chehere, Paris based photographer, makes houses flying high. Reminding the famous “Up!” flying house, but without balloons, these photomanipulated series of buildings makes us dream, not just for the subjects, but also for the light of the scenes which contribute to create an unreal world.

Surreal Flying Houses Travel Through the Sky

Vivien Weyrauch and Fabian Röttger – “things thrown in the air and photographed”


melting men Berlin

10 Fascinating Art Installations - ODDEE

by Robert Rickhoff

Die große Regsamkeit, Christin von Behrbalk

photophil, Christin von Behrbalk

Porcelain popcorn lined with gold. By Pae White.

porcelain sculptures that look like paper....http:/...

Painting by Armando Rabadán

Armando Rabadán | Artwork | Saatchi Art

Fernanda Uribe

katerina plotnikova

bloodmilk jewels: strange love & spring.

"haven her body was" series by noemie goudal

I need a guide: noemie goudal

Portrait by Lim Cheol Hee

#yoga #yogi #yogapose #ashtanga #asana #meditation #namaste #om

Tina Berning

art collage

Painting by Melissa Herrington

Painting by Oscar Lett

Strange Visions Collection | Saatchi Art

Wandering but not Lost: Circles by Kate Castelli

Wandering but not Lost: Circles

Delphine de Luppé Caissons 3