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katerina plotnikova

bloodmilk jewels: strange love & spring.

"haven her body was" series by noemie goudal

I need a guide: noemie goudal

Portrait by Lim Cheol Hee

Painting by Oscar Lett

Strange Visions Collection | Saatchi Art

Wandering but not Lost: Circles by Kate Castelli

Wandering but not Lost: Circles

Impressive Typographic Artworks Made with Chairs, Scissors, Twigs And Fabric

installations and photography by freudenthal/verhagen

I need a guide: freudenthal/verhagen

Conch shell painting by Katarina Janeckova

Painting by Lorella Paleni

A new way to Yarn Bomb. This is yarn piled into the cracks on the street! looks like a river of swirly paint. I love it!

float by Emily Haasch, via Flickr

Valerie this face love her art---i own about 4 of these (not originals unfortunately), but i still love them.

Jon Olav, art idea, paint splatter, rope backlights black lights, frosted glass between.