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Little Miss Kindergarten - Lessons from the Little Red Schoolhouse! Click on the image in the post for building a community!

First day "about me by the numbers" activity

Classroom Decor Classroom Sign Teacher by LittleLifeDesigns -- I will definitely use this is my classroom because it gives each student a sense of value...that they are respected and loved in my classroom. It also creates a welcoming environment and that is something that I want to have in my classroom. 3370

Review and grow your students' understanding of those tricky language standards with this appealing set of 36 language task cards. This resource addresses most common core second grade language standards. Engaging pictures on each task card in this set keep learners attention to the task at hand. $

Secondgradealicious: Happy Mother's Day!

Inquiry based learning is a great approach to teaching and learning that engages students and fosters critical thinking!

Divide the inside of a file folder into boxes that are slightly larger than small sticky notes. Write students' names in the boxes in alphabetical order, one name per box. Whenever you want to make a note about a student's progress, jot the information on a sticky note and then place it in the appropriate box. Periodically move the sticky notes to students' assessment folders. You'll have valuable information at your fingertips when it's time to prepare report cards.

a fun craft for kids

Cut a potato in half and create your Easter chicks!

Fern Smith's FREE Vowels Long e

Singapore Math Framework

~~~~ Mrs. Farmer's 5th Grade Class: SINGAPORE MATH....teaching students to understand!

Intro to Singapore Math Part 1 Excellent - Helps explain Singapore Math!

This cute as can be Number Bonds math center is ready to go! It includes 72 center cards, 16 blank cards, 4 sets of number manipulatives, and a student accountability sheet. Easy to prepare and get in your center tomorrow! Students practice creating number bonds while deepening their understanding of number relationships. The center accountability sheet is a place for them to record the number bonds they created and has an area for them to draw a model of a number.