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Fine, we'll compromise. I'll get my way & you'll find a way to be okay with that.

This will be me if I don't have children, watch out cats.

A cat’s last traces of dignity…

Trying+to+get+ready+for+Monday... where+did+my+bra+land+when+ I+took+it+off+and+threw+it Friday?


Funny Pictures - 28 Pics

I've been saying this now for a while but no one listens to me....

This makes me laugh way more than it should

Low carb diets really go against the grain…

I laughed way to hard at this

Twitter / NicholasPardon: A comma can change everything. ...


Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures…

Fail moment

Fail moment -

♥ A good man...... No, sorry, that's coffee - coffee does that!

A Good Man Funny Coffee Poster Sign