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This green AeroBed PakMat air bed would make a perfect temporary bed for guests or a comfortable alternative to the ground on a camping trip. Storage cylinder doubles up as a hand pump.

AeroBed PakMat with Hand Pump - GetdatGadget

The HackedPack is an innovative backpack that has a hammock which can by deployed in seconds and keeps your bag off the ground while hammocking.

The HackedPack is the Backpack with a Hammock - GetdatGadget

16 delicious camping dinners After a day of fun in the outdoors, treat yourself to a super-tasty meal that's shockingly easy to make

Favorite Camping Recipes for Dinner

32 Things You'll Totally Need When You Go Camping. Some of these things are very unnecessary, but some would come in handy!!

Grilled Tequila-Marinated Pineapple Kabobs -- this gives me a great idea to use rum instead of tequila in the marinade, plus use some brown sugar to caramelize the outside. Oooh, what if I also used some coconut milk in the marinade? Then…serve as dessert with ice cream, or you could chop up as a savory chicken teriyaki salad topping, or whir as a piña colada smoothie!

You never know when this would come in useful....How to build a campfire @ Pinfographics

Adding sage to your campfire or firepit keeps mosquitos and bugs away...I have to try this

toilet paper roll protector and many more camping ideas and tips

Have you ever woken up to a soggy tent or struggled with stubborn stakes? Read our infographic and learn 10 tent tips for happy camping!

Tastes like expensive restaurant artisan bread, but literally takes 5 minutes of work. Chewy and soft on the inside, crisp and crunchy on the outside.

What to pack in you permanent camping bins. You'll be ready to hit the great outdoors anytime!

The Homestead Survival: How To Keep Warm While Sleeping When Camping or Power Outage

Here’s a simple formula for how to build a campfire. It’s easy to remember. ‘Gather’ and ‘Build’ are the key concepts.