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Nutribullet Detox Recipes

"Awesome Kale-Carrot": immune system booster, colon cancer prevention, lung health booster - 1 carrot 2 cups kale 1 sweet red pepper 5 sprigs cilantro

Pascale ยป Roasted Kale and Rainbow Carrot Salad

"Green Blood": liver booster, brain booster, asthma help, colon cancer prevention - 1/2 green apple 1/2 avocado 1/2 stalk celery 5 grapes 1/4 lime 2 cups spinach

"Green Lemonade for Colon Detox" Colon cancer prevention, asthma help, liver booster - 1/2 cucumber 2 cups kale 1/2 lemon 1 cup spinach

"Sunset Blend for Colon Health" Liver cleanser, blood cleanser, digestion booster - 1 kale 1/2 beet root 1 carrot Cayenne pepper 1/4 cup pumpkin

"Drink Your Pizza!" improved complexion, reduces inflammation, antioxidant booster - 2 stalks basil 1 cauliflower floret 1/2 cucumber 1 tomato

"Liver Detox Smoothie" 1 c (packed) spinach 1/2 c (packed) kale 1 beet 1 medium carrot 1 cauliflower floweret 3 T hemp protein powder (or any other low-carb protein) lemon juice water

"Super Green Smoothie" 1/2 c (packed) kale 1/2 c (packed) romaine 1/2 c (packed) spinach 2 stalks celery juice of 1/2 lemon 3 tablespoons hemp protein (or other)

"Coconut Chia Smoothie" 1 c (packed) spinach 1/4 avocado 1 t chia seeds 1/3 cup dried unsweetened coconut 1/2 c unsweetened almond milk 1 scoop vanilla protein powder water

Coconut Milk Deep Conditioner Recipe

"Super Kale Smoothie" 1 c (packed) kale 1/4 avocado 1/2 cucumber juice of 1/2 lemon 1/2 inch ginger 1 scoop protein powder of choice water

Our Sustainable Life: All Hail, Kale!