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Oooohhh.... Like this a lot!!! Do this if you finish math early...put inside math notebook

Pipe cleaners cut short with a number taped to the end. Have the kids feed the same number of pony beads onto the pipe cleaners. #finemotor

Math Coachs Corner: Cant Get Enough Subitizing! To subitize (pronounced soo-bi-tize) means to instantly recognize a small quantity of objects without counting. When you hold up four fingers and a student says 4 without counting, they are subitizing. Students should practice subitizing with a variety of objects and arrangements. Five- and ten-frames are great for subitizing because of their anchors to 5 and 10.

Excellent way to conceptually teach subtraction with regrouping. (Borrowing a bundle of tens)

A FREEBIE from Fall Into First!

Math Coach's Corner: Another Day, Another Number. Easy number of the day routine!

Math Coach's Corner: Recognizing Numbers to 6. Strategy, subitizing, and number recognition rolled into an easy little game.