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Ariella Alexander

Ariella Alexander

Exposing the Homewrecker that will not leave your husband/boyfriend alone! Check out our website! Facebook

You totally fucked up my life asshole!!!

Nope... not for a second.

Thank you for continually providing reminders of why I divorced you & kicked your sorry ass out. For a second I almost got sentimental. . .

Yep! That's the part! hahahaha

That about sums it up!

Childhood cancer awareness

Thats right Lucia Hughes Munford Alabama.

spelled Lucia Hughes Munford Alabama

Let me explain how chatting and cheating are similar. When you feel you have to hide both, it's the same thing. same thing nasty Lucia Hughes

Lucia Hughes Homewrecker Munford Alabama Talladega Alabama

They're going to call it Twatter.

YES! Fuck whores who can't back off what's yours!

You have something to say about me? Oh, please be a 'bad bitch' and write a status about it on Facebook.

ha! I can't stand that word. Anyone who talks about haters = instant douchebag to me.

It's very easy to understand. Easy, like you;) Gutter whore bitch

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