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For the Homewreckers

For that one jealous fat bitch and her fat friends.

If You Don't Like The Word Cunt. Don't Act Like A Cunt And You Won't Be Called A Cunt. Ya Cunt.

I'd call you a homewrecker, but you can't even do that right.

A MUST READ for every betrayed woman. . .Open Letter To A Homewrecker. . . ♥

  • Jennifer Skiles

    will this site post your name?

  • Melissa Rowlett-Stallings

    Jennifer Skiles, your name won't be posted of you post your home wrecker story. The only name that's posted is the homewrecker and whatever you put in your story.

enjoy it while you can...

Blog | She's A Homewrecker Do you want to appear on TV with me to talk about Homewreckers?

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Good shit right there! Best ecard EVER!

  • Artist NE.Perkins

    All my girlfriends and I passed this around earlier today. This and the CS one is fantastic!!

Remember me?? I'm Karma and I'm here to fuck your shit up.... What goes around comes around Bitch!

The homewreckers always spew crap from their mouths!! for exposing homewreckers like you


haha I wish we still stoned homewreckers

No respect for her family or mine, damn whore

I'm not saying she's a slut, I'm just saying that she has seen more dick than a Urologist.

  • Marie Todorovsky

    @Ariella Alexander I LOVE that you repinned this!! This pin is actually a screen shot from the ignorant hoe spent 5 years trying to get into my life!! Well she should be SALUTING me NOW but of course she is a scared lonely looooooser who couldn't get at me even after lying to the police, her probation officer, the courts & many more!!! I still find it humorous that she likes to post and pin things to me BUT yet hides from me......

Ohhh hahaha...

You can't fix stupid!

Not even on her best day♥♥