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For the Homewreckers

***Ariella Awareness Challenge*** I challenge my readers to change their FB/Pinterest profile pic to this pic for the entire month of September! You can do it inside your house, it will not make you soaking wet, and ice cold, no buckets involved!!!! September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!!!! GoGold4Kids!!! FUCancer!!!

Nope... not for a second.

That about sums it up!

more than true.

101 Halloween Costume Ideas For Women

spelled Lucia Hughes Munford Alabama

Let me explain how chatting and cheating are similar. When you feel you have to hide both, it's the same thing. same thing nasty Lucia Hughes

Lucia Hughes Homewrecker Munford Alabama Talladega Alabama

YES! Fuck whores who can't back off what's yours!

You have something to say about me? Oh, please be a 'bad bitch' and write a status about it on Facebook.

ha! I can't stand that word. Anyone who talks about haters = instant douchebag to me.

It's very easy to understand. Easy, like you;) Gutter whore bitch

Funniest Quotes Of The Week – 35 Pics

and on Pinterest. And it would help if you think for yourself instead of decide you like everything the man you opened your legs and took from me likes.