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english cocker spaniel soooo cute!-cocker spaniels are the cutest dogs ever

A Heart in Provence: Gifts

Even Rarer than the Golden Tiger this is the Maltese Tiger thought to be extinct.

reddit: the front page of the internet

Can you see the angry bunny face NOW? Remember this picture next time you come face to face with an upset kitty!

Can YOU see the angry bunny face?

Love you Kiss me

Love you Kiss me

Japanese dwarf flying squirrels! TOOOOO cute!!!!!

Here is a baby orangutan getting a bubble bath.... You're welcome. :)

Bubble Baths are the Best!

Belgian Draft....biggest horse ever. This is like a dinosaur. It could swallow you in 5 seconds. I feel like I would never touch it let alone get all cozy under its 8000 lb head. No.

Boxer sillyness in full action.

"Dogs have so much to teach us." I don't care if this story is real or not. I was crying by the end of it because its meaning is so true.