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Smart Ass sayings

I laughed a lot on this quote. It gives a true and solid argument why we don’t have to be jealous of your ex boyfriend or girlfriend. Hope you’ll enjoy this.

I can't stand people like this! You want respect give it and the way you treat people you will be treated. i know this one person who thinks the world revolves around her and she treats people like shit but when they do it back she gets all butt hurt and blocks you on everything! grow up and stop being so god damn insecure!

I can totally relate to this one! Every time we are out at the mall, this is what we do instead of shopping. Minions just make it a whole lot funnier!

Whisper - Share Secrets, Express Yourself, Meet New People



Listen... Acting like a dick won't make yours any bigger...

bra humor

Bras We Have Known, Illustrated

My next sweater @ Inked Shop

Women's "Ice Cream Therapy" Raglan by Pyknic (Grey)

Steven Humour: Funny Ecards - 22 Pics

not mentioning any names here...but Ben always messes it up!

The Life Lessons I Learned From Sheldon Cooper – 25 Pics

The Life Lessons I Learned From Sheldon Cooper - 25 Pics

Yep. Sometimes, to fall asleep, I sing two songs simultaneously to tired out my mind.

You Can't Go Wrong With Black...and I'm Tired Of People Complaining I Wear Black So Much, It's What I Like So Suck It Up! I Don't Tell U What Colors To Wear!

Breaking up

♥ les miserables

I think this was put here just for me and my Mom....a true life lesson. Time to stop fighting and just realize it is what it is and nothing will change, as others refuse too when they think they are right all the time...Its sad really...Why try when they are not willing too! No one is right or wrong, its just a matter of opinion...And everyone has a right to say how they feel...

funny drama quotes sweetly Being strong doesn't - Funs & Mix

...Is THAT what he was thinking? Hmmm, probably not. :) On a side note: Rock version of a snowball fight? NEVER a good idea.