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A dollar store skull, some fabric stiffener and some sheer white fabric makes a spooky ghost!

Some Masonite and a little paint and our house is a monster for Halloween this year!

Rainbow fruit kabobs

  • Liz Rodriguez

    I made this with my first graders and they loved it. easy, fun, and delicious. :)

White Chocolate covered pretzel shamrocks for my pot luck today

Sequins and stick pins in a styrofoam ball- lots of work but rewarding in the sparkle of it all!

Had a large board cut (for free) at Home Depot- spray adhesive onto boards attached scrap book pages- used pop tabs screwed onto the back for hangers and ta da! A complete DIY pinterest inspired piece of art! Thanks Pinterest!

We've all seen these but they are my favorite now! Flatten bread and press it into buttered muffin pan- put in one slice of 2/3 cooked bacon- fill with egg- oven at 375 for 20-25 minutes and YUM! I've started experimenting with different sauces and cheeses and meats and so far they are all awesome (Salsa is a good add!)

Spray glued scrapbooking paper onto boards (cut for free at Home Depot)- screwed a soda pop tab on the back for the hanger and hung them on the wall- total cost about $10- total time about 20 minutes including time for the paint to dry around the edges

Saw this on pinterest and used it today to hang a bunch of new art in the house- worked perfectly!

The art project we just put over our couch today! Scrapbook pages spray glued onto 12x12 boards.

Skull made from a clay recipe pinned in my creative craft board- this one used glue in the mix and was pretty sturdy when dry- harder to work with than the glue that didn't use glue though

Made with corn starch/ baking soda recipe from pin in my creative crafts- was really easy to make and work with but not sturdy when dry- would be good for something that will just sit on a shelf