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generationOn: It has a section for downloading free lesson plans for grades Pre-K thru 12th, and you can narrow the search based on subject, topic, or keyword. I looked through them and will definitely be using some for the kids!

GenerationOn | Make your mark on the world!

Student Council Leadership Games | eHow

This is a really cool and inspiring pic. Please share if you have any ideas for a story or scene based on it!

Great idea for keeping track of classroom books and knowing what everyone is reading...

Reading Foldable- a summary of the story character traits for two characters (with supporting evidence) setting (both place and time - inferred from the story) a reflection based on the question, "How did the main character's feelings change throughout the story?" (they also had to include supporting evidence from the text).

If you have a Smart board, you need this resource. Super cool! And lots of topics! I am using it tomorrow for science and math!

Kids Rock!: Study Jams

An easy way to keep track of student conferences! Just tape index cards to a file folder - boys on one side, girls on the other. You can easily flip through and write anecdotal notes and the date you met with your students. It is a great reference for report cards and parent meetings.

Group work trick: Each student writes their own answer on a post-it, they bring the answers together and write a group answer in the center.

Runde's Room: Five For Friday - Test Prep and Angry Birds

"Discussion Tables" is a fun activity to analyze text. Pick a passage from the class' book and glue it to a large sheet of paper. In groups, students write their thoughts around the corners of the passage. Set the timer and then rotate!

Conversations in Literacy: Tabletop Twitter

Post it for every time students find figurative language in a book

Head Over Heels For Teaching: Educents Poetry Bundle

Click HERE for middle and high school class resources.

20 Apps For Writing On The iPad

20 Apps For Writing On The iPad

How to Become a Better 21st Century Teacher Infographic | e-Learning Infographics via Larry Ferlazzo

Schooling Around the World Infographic | e-Learning Infographics

Getting to Know You ~ Free math activity for upper elementary.

Shut the Door and Teach: Figure Me Out Beginning of the Year Math

Candy Medals - so fun for a special kids game night to award the winners

Family Game Night {and some free printables}

Conflict in literature...

INCIDENTAL COMICS: Conflict in Literature