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What else are you going to do with that baby while you pee?

Hospital pictures of newborn, for when you have a baby. You should take this with the 3 of you.

Coordinate your toys: 5 simple Tips for Successful Busy Boxes for Babies *great info

Busy Boxes - Melissa & Doug Blog

Info on sending birth announcements to the White House and Disney and getting letters of congrats back for your baby book. So neat!!

Love this! Blocks are one of my favorite things! I'd still want a stuffed animal or something to measure by in the background, but super cute,

The Bib of all Bibs - Towel Bib Tutorial! | How Does She... These were my favorite bibs when my kiddies were small. Gonna make some for showers -- with embroidery.

The Bib of All Bibs - Towel Bib Tutorial | How Does She

Baby Blanket Tutorial--Maybe use all the recieving blankets to make a bigger blanket?

Tie it with a Bow: Babies in a Blanket: A Baby Blanket Tutorial

Biblical, Unique Names to keep in mind for the WAYYY future;)

Biblical Girl Names 2014: Unique and Rare Names |

this might be the most adorable costume ever... roar!

Juicy Bits: Costumes

Daddy Scrubs - Delivery Room Medical Scrubs for Dads

Daddy Scrubs - Delivery Room Medical Scrubs for Dads

5 Things a Father-to-be Should Do During Her Pregnancy. But seriously, do these things,

Father to Be Advice | Maman Jolie Maternity | Maman Jolie

Increase Your Egg Health

Increase Your Egg Health In 90 Days to Get Pregnant

Five simple swaps you can make to reduce your baby gear - save space and money. I'm pinning this for all my preggo friends now... All wonderful tips (though I couldn't have done without the infant carrier)

How can I have less baby gear? • The Wise Baby

Cute idea.. Would have to find a way to take the pic??