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Automotive milk bath: The sinking Beetle of Ivan Puig | Classic Driver Magazine

Saatchi Online Artist: TAURUA Pascale; Oil, Painting "The red egg chair"

Saatchi Online Artist: Alejandro Vigilante; Acrylic, 2012, Painting "Audrey Hepburn" #oscars

MoMA | The Collection | Koichi Sato. Sakurahime Azuma Bunsho. 1976

paintings by michael carson

Kelly Reemtsen, I Love You Too

American artists, contemporary art, contemporary artists, Figurative painting, oil painting

Lee Jeffries, Saatchi

Saatchi Online Artist: Marcin Penconek; Painting, 2012, Assemblage / Collage "Unscheduled (Weekend)"

Saatchi Online Artist: Valerie Carpender; Acrylic, 2012, Painting "Untitled"

Saatchi Online Artist: Elizabeth Lennie; Oil, Painting Diving The Mayan Riviera

Saatchi Online Artist: Pavel Brat; Paper, 2011, Assemblage / Collage "Southern Cross"

Saatchi Online Artist: Loui Jover; Pen and Ink, Drawing "solitude"; drawings on newspaper.

sans titre | 2011 | technique mixte sur papier | 65x50cm