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Grizzly bear cub

Imgend - Picture This.

vulpes vulpes by jaroslavciganik77 | 500px

Early 1940's - Tommy Tucker: A Squirrel's Guide to Fashion | Photos - LIFE: Tommy is a live baby squirrel, abandoned at birth by it's biological mother, and raised by his adopted one, Mrs. Mark Bullis. The article goes on to state that Tommy does not seem to mind dressing up. Indeed, he looks quite fat and happy!


John Unger adopted his dog Schoep when he was a puppy.Today Schoep is 19 years old and has Arthritis.He's in pain and can't sleep.His owner John trying to find a solution to his pain discovered that the water from the lake helps relax Schoep so every night he takes his dog Schoep for a swim in the lake so he can get some sleep.The photo was captured by Hannah Stonehouse Hudson.She wanted to portray the unlimited love this owner has for his dog.This photo has been viewed by millions on facebook

Long tailed tit (Photo by hencz judit)