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I love this concept. an infinity sign on your ring finger.

Done by Matt Diana at No Regrets Tattoo & Body Piercing in Champaign, IL.Great colours!

I so want this!! I know I am too old to be having this done...but you know what...I really don't care.

I really want a tattoo on my foot like this - but I heard they don't last long because of the wear and tear on our feet.

This is Shoko Tendo, the daughter of the Japanese Yakuza boss, she is awesome, she got all the tattoos that the men get, she left the Yakuza, had a baby out of wedlock, wrote a book and kicked ass.

This looks awesome

Really digging tattoos like this - I love the delicacy of the branches.

I like these lotuses. They fit in with what I would want.

feminine ~ artist David Hale of Anchor Tattoo, Athens, GA tattoo body_art

A great interpretation of the Deathly Hallows. Very Feminine and beautiful