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Negative Space Drawings

Art Education Blog: Negative Space Drawings

Positive/ Negative animal tempra collage, gr. 1

.negative/positive space painting Make stencil to create repeated shape in background. Paint around shape similar to the way it is done here.

Good use of negative space ( Forever Alone)

This defines negative space because there are objects made with the negative space.

Positive and negative space: silhouettes in mixed media

Positive and negative space: silhouettes in mixed media

Using construction paper, students made curved shapes, cut and glued them to paper, while being aware of the positive and negative spaces, to make the best composition. Students then took markers and drew contour lines around the shapes, concentrating on lines and variety. Shape, line, color, space, repetition and variety are the basic elements and principals of design that were taught through this lesson.

Artwork published by Jack2251

"The students are asked to choose a simple shape and create a pattern of that shape to trace onto the paper. The students are told to overlap the shapes to create interesting negative shapes. Then they erase the lines where the shapes overlap. After they complete their composition, they add color to the background with colored pencils."

Mrs. Macre's Art Class: Colors on the Walls!

pattern + black paint negative space

Use magazines and discuss positive/negative space.

the macro world - students choose a cross-section of a plant to enlarge - focusing on an interesting negative/positive shape design- image inspiration: jan hendrix » Jan Hendrix

kirigami - positive and negative space

104_Noir et blanc_Positif Négatif (36ENCADRE)

POSITIF NEGATIF - Le tour de mes idées

positive and negative space project review.

tutorial on positive and negative space.

Positive space project.. I love this idea!!

I'm thinking a good tie-in with math concepts: rotation, reflection....

Mini Matisse: Negative Spacetangles

Mini Matisse: Negative Spacetangles