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Flendrivka-rareUkrainian pottery decoration style - YouTube... Wow, I can't understand anything he's saying, but what a great slip trailing technique!

Thivo at Work. Nerikomi.

Japanese Pottery Art - ThivĂ´'s Nerikomi Technique

2-D to 3-D: Using Image Transfer and Mishima Techniques to Make Drawings on Pottery

score and slip - handout


lloyd pottery sgraffito cups

Becky and Steve Lloyd

cherry red | rebecca graves steve smith | gravesandcompany....

Graves & Company | Ceramics

Matching patterns with varied colors for sets

Making a ceramic relief tile, then making a master mold of it with plaster. Great pics and instruction!

Spiked Tea by nancyadamsclayartist on Etsy, $225.00

*Teapot...Larry Nelson Pipe Dream so cute. Don't think I would dare drink out of it though

i ought to have started a pottery pinboard. LOVE THIS ARTISTS WORK! what better teapot for a mad hatter...

Oh, dear goodness, yes. Get on my display shelf! Fun little story book teapot. Just my style!

Gorgeous teapot by Kazem Arshi on etsy. I love the vibrant drips of glaze and the contrast in texture.

Elephant teapot. OMG WHAT. @Lindsey Grande Folsom

Tea Party Movement | Autographed Letter Signed