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Georges Rouault, Vieux Faubourg

Auction results for Georges Rouault (French, 1871 - 1958)

artisan des arts: Collaborative crayon art - grade 5/6

artisan des arts: Collaborative crayon art - grade 5/6

Mrs. Knight's Smartest Artists

Mrs. Knight's Smartest Artists

pastels on black paper. Floozles

LANCE CARDINAL: Chalk Pastel Illustration

Crayon and watercolor umbrella drawings.


Our young artists drew half a face in white pastel on a folded piece of black paper. We the turn their drawing inward and iron it until the pastel melted to the opposite side creating a perfectly symmetrical image. Additional colors were then added symmetrically.

The ArtRoom: October 2009

Monster art by Amy Williams. Love these! 6th grade art idea project

Mini Monsters | KOOKYSPOOKS

"I created this video to help my students learn the process of oil pastels. This is a Vincent Van Gogh "Self-Portrait" reproduction."

Oil pastel painting

Value Lights: Art with Ms. Gram: 4th grade

Matryoshka...would be great for overlapping and proportion!

Popsicles with value. From Art Teacher in L.A. Blog

October | 2013 | Art Teacher in LA

Gorgeous Thiebaud-inspired chalk pastel cakes with value for 6th grade. Teacher uses crayola chalks

October | 2013 | Art Teacher in LA | Page 2

The Evans Art House - Jenna L's Awesome Art. Great texture for texture painting and warm/cool lesson

blending with oil pastels step 4