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Colored Pencil Art

Discover the basics for beginning in colored pencil art—and refine and expand your colored pencil techniques with helpful tips and pointers and easy-to-follow, step-by-step instruction from the experts. You’ll learn about burnishing, working with solvents, water-soluble colored pencils and more!

Reverse Grisaille method by David Dooley > learn his techniques here. ^ch #arttips #drawingadvice

Florida Plant (colored pencil on suede board, 11×14) by Lee Hammond. Click the image to read Lee's blog on why and how "Art Can Break Your Heart." ~ch #drawing #ArtInspiration

In this work-in-progress by Sandra Angelo, you can see how she uses black paper for this subject to create a dramatic rendering. ~ch

Colored pencil offers the pleasures and rewards of both drawing and painting! Learn more today!

In this preview from Art Lessons with Lee Hammond: Draw Faces in Colored Pencil, you will learn Lee's core colors for a variety of rich skin tones, then review how (and where) to create values of light and dark that really make your colored pencil faces look real, as she shows you tips for colored pencil noses, lips and eyes. Visit for access to the full-length video workshop.

Learn new colored pencil techniques with this FREE download!

Some like it hot! Paradise Dreams (colored pencil and water-soluble crayons on heated paper, 12x12) by Arlene Steinberg. ~ch

  • Aimee Harper

    how different is it to work on heated paper? Are the 'heating devices' or whatever they're called very expensive? Sounds fascinating to me! My background is watercolor (abstract & landscape, and acrylic landscape, with mixed media, batik & color theory. I'm looking for less messy alternatives to painting, and have started out in colored pencil-and am learning how much I DON'T know! :)

White: A Delicate Explosion of Color (free colored pencil demo!) ~ch

Colored Pencil Demo | The Color White | Artist's Network

Playing now on, this video workshop opens the boundaries of traditional colored pencil techniques, exploring what the colored pencil can do on a variety of unique surfaces and in combination with other mediums for results you can't get with pencil alone!

Colored Pencil Secrets for Success | Artist's Network

Playing now on, this video workshop focuses on achieving the realistic look of silver, brass, gold and copper with colored pencil. Artist Janie Gildow helps you jump right into colored pencil techniques for creating the shine, reflections and luster of metal.

Preview Colored Pencil Techniques: Glass with Janie Gildow now for easy-to-follow tips that will help you create glass that sparkles with realism. Then visit for access to the full-length version of this video.

Preview Colored Pencil Techniques Made Easy now to get you started using your pencils right away: basics for keeping pencils sharp, the best stokes to use for your subject, impressed line and blending techniques, and more! Then visit for access to the full-length version of this video.

March 2012 issue of The Artist's Magazine. Cover is 'Eddie, No. 1 (Marine)' (detail; colored pencil, 40x32) by John P. Smolko.

Black Tulip and Peony (above; watercolor and colored pencil, 19.5×13.5) by Karen Anne Klein. Free step-by-step demo of flowers in watercolor and colored pencil.