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Oil Painting

Even the old masters worked diligently to enhance their oil painting techniques. Discover new oil painting lessons and tips as we share the best of the best, from

Portrait of Anne (oil on linen, 36×24) by C.W. Mundy, featured in "Oil Painting With the Masters," a new book available here. ^ch #oilpainting #howtopaint #art

Pianist (oil on linen, 18×24) by Glenn Harrington, featured in the new book "Oil Painting With the Masters." ~ch #oilpainting #howtopaint

In this fun art video preview from and artist Mark Menendez, you'll learn how da Vinci transferred his line drawings to his painting surface, how to apply Reuben’s serpentine contours to your own work, Vermeer’s trick to getting realistic results in his paintings and more for great results on your paintings today!

Back Nude of R (oil, 46×30) by Sharon Sprung, instructor for ^ch #figure #painting

Vada (oil, 12×20) by Richard Schmid. Learn more from this master at ArtistsNetwork. ~ch

Preview Color: Landscape Painting Techniques for Success and follow along with two color-mixing exercises to match the hue, value and intensity of colors to your subject--if you portray an accurate intensity and value in your painting, the hue won't even matter. Then visit for access to the full-length video.

Step-by-step demo of 'Hailing the Cab' (oil on linen, 26×30) by Brian Keeler, excerpted from 'Dramatic Color in the Landscape' ~ch #howtopaint #landscapepainting

Dirty Laundry (oil, 48×38) by Katie O’Hagan. Read her inspiration for this at ~ch #howtopaint #oilpainting

During a time of great personal upheaval in 2011, Katie O’Hagan painted Life Raft (oil, 38×60). Read more at ~ch #howtopaint #oilpainting

Star Wars Art: Oil Portrait of Padme by Carl Samson on www.artistsnetwor...

An oil painting of a Florida sunset by Lee Hammond. Read Lee's blog at #Ocean #Painting #Beach

Greys I (oil on paper, 9×12) by Michael Chesley Johnson. Read "Mounting Oil Paintings on Paper Onto a Board" at for the demonstration. ~ch

Rome Square (oil, 24×18) by David Curtis. Read 'The Banged-On Brushwork of Oils and the Fluidity of Watercolor' at ~ch #Landscape #Painting

Next Generation (oil, 30x24) by Madina Croce #landscape #winter #paintings

Family Table (oil, 23×31) by Michael De Brito, featured in this free issue of "Inspired!" #FineArt #Inspiration

Alla Prima II, a breathtaking book by Richard Schmid, features this painting and much more. ~ch Nancy Painting (1988; oil on panel, 12×16) by Richard Schmid #OilPainting #FineArt

Evening Egret (oil, 16×24) by Matthew M. Schulz #Egret #OilPainting #FineArt

Keuka Nocturne with Mares’ Tails (oil on linen, 26×30) by Brian Keeler #Landscape #Nocturne

Demo: Layering Transparent Oil on Copper on www.artistsnetwor...

Bread Rack (oil, 66×60) by Jeffrey T. Larson, 1st place, still life, The Artist’s Magazine’s 2013 Annual Art Competition

Light Dancer (oil, 44×77) by Dorian Vallejo. “I’m intrigued by the play of opposites,” he says in The Artist's Magazine. Read more at ~ch #FineArt

High Standards (oil, 30×48) by Daryl Gortner, our October 2013 Artist of the Month! ~ch #StillLife #Shoes

In this Artistsnetwork.TV workshop, Johannes Vloothuis proves that getting started with oils is easier than you think. Learn the advantages of oils, how to mix colors using the hands of a clock for foolproof color, and a variety of brushstrokes and painting techniques that you can apply to your own landscapes. Preview the video, download the materials list and more, at ArtistsNetwork.TV.

Wilbur Returns (oil, 28×40) by Joe Paquet, featured in The Artist’s Magazine (October 2012) #LandscapePainting #Farm #Fall