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Pastel Painting

Take your pastel art to the next level with everything you need to know about how to paint with pastels, including Richard McKinley’s invaluable pointers, instruction, and pastel tips about materials and supplies.

Pastel Painting Techniques: Still Life Flowers| ArtistsNetwork.TV

Pastel Painting Techniques: Still Life Flowers| ArtistsNetwork.TV

Transformation, Nelson Mandela (pastel, 18×24) by Kim Novak. Read about the Butler Institute of American Art here. ~ch #art #pastel #painting

You know you love them... ~ch

Grumbacher and Rembrandt Pastels | Artist's Network

Eucalyptus Aglow (pastel, 16×12), by Richard McKinley, was done over a warm pastel underpainting. Read more here. ~ch

Painting Blue Skies | Artist's Network

Go on location with and Liz Haywood-Sullivan to create a beautiful pastel landscape painting en plein air.

Painting Landscapes in Pastel: Plein Air | ArtistsNetwork.TV

Painting Blue Skies | Applying the Theory of Light, Part 1, in this week's Pastel Pointers by Richard McKinley. ~ch #color #blue

Painting Blue Sky | Artist's Network

In this art lesson from, Maggie Price demonstrates her favorite pastel painting techniques for creating beautiful sunlight and shadow in a landscape.

Last Call (pastel, 18 x 24) by Christine Ivers. Read more about this "Painter of the Night," in Richard McKinley's Pastel Pointers! ~ch #nocturne

Painter of the Night | Artist's Network

Preview Landscape Painting in Pastel - Snow now to learn how to correct composition mistakes during the underpainting stage and how to convey light and shadow in pastel. Then, head over to to watch the full-length video, leave reviews, get materials, and more!

How to transport pastel paintings, part II, by Richard McKinley. Click the image to read his article. ~ch #pastelpainting #artadvice

Fighting the Pastel Fragility Bias, Part 2 | Artist's Network

Serenity (pastel on Pastelmat, 27×19) by Liz Haywood-Sullivan: "When you pick up a stick of pastel, you're holding light and color in your fingertips." Click the image to learn about her painting process. ~ch #landscape #water #painting

Pastel Pointers | How to Deal with Unfinished Paintings, by Richard McKinley ~ch #painting #art #advice

How to Deal with Unfinished Paintings | Artist's Network

Pastel Pick of the Week | An Introduction to Pastel Painting with Michael Chesley Johnson on ~ch

An Introduction to Pastel Painting | Artist's Network

Richard McKinley started “Arkansan Woods” (pastel, 9×12) with a dry #pastel underpainting. Read more in Pastel Pointers >> ~ch

Pastel Techniques | The Dry Underpainting | Artist's Network

Wildlife in Pastel Part 1 with Vic Bearcroft | ArtistsNetwork.TV Learn easy pastel drawing techniques for capturing the life-like qualities of wild animals. Vic demonstrates how to get the correct proportions and shapes of wolves and tigers using pastels on velour to indicate details such as the texture of their fur, the shapes of their spots, stripes, and more.

Wildlife in Pastel Part 1 with Vic Bearcroft | ArtistsNetwork.TV

Dancer in Her Dressing Room (c. 1879; pastel and peinture à l’essence on canvas, 34 5/8 x 15 7/8) by Edgar Degas, Cincinnati Art Museum

Portrait of Mlle Jeanne Samary (c. 1878; pastel, 27 7/16 x 18 3/4) by Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Cincinnati Art Museum

Behind the Scenes with Sharon Allicotti, painter of "Dry Birth." Read the step-by-step for this painting here... ~ch