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Elementary students depict skeletons in a whimsical, not scary, manner. From our October 2012 issue.

Here’s a popular lesson about line, repetition and pattern that is over 16 years old, but still going strong! “A Hair-Raising Experience,” from our March 1997 issue.

It Works! 75 years

A primary-level art lesson from our April 2008 issue, inspired by the book, “Tar Beach,” by Faith Ringgold.

Great for the first few weeks of school: “Seeing through Value, Shades and Tints,” from our September 2007 issue.

It Works! 75 years

Author/teacher Mered “Pidgie” Lawson writes, “Diversity is a concept we share with our students every day, teaching them to respect, admire and celebrate the uniqueness that makes each of us special,” in her art lesson, “Celebrating Diversity with Kindergarten and Grade 1 Self-Portraits,” from our October 2009 issue. pubdev.ipaperus.c...

From the Arts & Activities "Time Machine.” April 1994: “What Would You Store in Your Jar?"

Elementary-level students examine the lines, shapes and textures of artist Beverly Buchanan’s shack drawings, and create collages.

Arts & Activities - Page 32

Did you know that today, June 8, is National Oceans Day, and June is National Oceans Month? Celebrate in the art room with “Henri Matisse’s ‘Beasts of the Sea,’” from our June 2010 issue.

Arts & Activities - Page 18

Celebrate summer with “Dragonflies and Fireflies,” which involves drawing, analogous colors and basic watercolor techniques.

Arts & Activities - Page 16

“These Pipes are ‘Happening’ ” ... the story of how a teacher in Kansas turned broken pipes and a visit from the plumber into an engaging art project her middle-school students loved. From our March 2010 issue. pubdev.ipaperus.c...

“Roosters Rule: A Painted Paper Collage,” from our October 2011 issue.

Arts & Activities - Page 34

Thought, imagination and a lot of problem-solving are involved in this project from our June 2011 issue.

“Looking at Faces from a New Angle,” a highly popular fifth-grade project from our March 2000 issue.

It Works! 70 years

Arts & Activities - Page 12

Their natural enthusiasm for birds inspired upper-elementary students as they took on the challenge of this watercolor lesson. From our April 2010 issue.

Arts & Activities - Page 34

Try this project with lower-elementary grades, involving drawing and a bit of “crafting” ... “Jewelry Portraits” from our June 2010 issue.

Here is an elementary-level project inspired by Pollock, from our March 2011 issue.

Arts & Activities - Page 34

Here is a great collaborative project from our October 2012 issue.

Arts & Activities - Page 32