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"Young Saffron-Gatherer", detail from the "Saffron-Gatherers", wall-painting from Thera, Greece, c.1650 B.C.

Miniature wall-painting of a riverine landscape, Thera, Greece c.1650 B.C. (copy)

Cretan frescoe c.1600BC

Minoan fresco at Knossos Palace, Crete ca. 1450-1400 BCE

Minoan ladies mural wall painting fresco Knossos Crete Greece stock photography

Fresco Of A Minoan Beauty -- 1600 BCE -- Crete

Girl Picking Flowers, Thera

Minoan Fresco of Women Inspiration for the Mycenaean Greeks for centuries. Style of hair is similar to Egypt whom the Minoans copied many art trends.

Ruins of the Capitol of Minoan Crete (c.1700BC). Fresco with Minoan Bull. Knossos. Crete, Greece.

Minoan Dolphin fresco, Knossos, Crete, Greece, 1500 BC. Reproduction

Fresco of Landscape with blue Monkeys, Akrotiri Thera - Santorini, Greece

Minoan Bee Goddess – laden with honey - Mycenae