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artists. rallying. together. We are educators & artists of ALL kinds. We believe deeply in the arts for our youth.

kids painting stick creatures

Create a striking display by scanning your favorite pieces, then printing miniature versions and framing them.

The faculty at Washington Montessori has built a legacy of caring and learning. Teacher Torva Felton shares her experiences here.

Paper sculpture food. Middle school art. Grade 7.

Printable Art Cards - questions to get a discussion going

Cinco de Mayo Crafts and Printables: chili favors, paper bag pinatas, raisin box maracas

To live a creative life. We must lose our fear of being wrong. - Joseph Chilton Pearce.

Grab some ModPodge or other art glue and paper to cover your chair. Reinvent your chair Photo:

Howard Gardner: ‘Multiple intelligences’ are not ‘learning styles.’ Let us not confuse or confound the two. This is an important distinction. Great article.

Maracas made with plastic eggs, rice, spoons, masking tape, markers

this adorable little girl makes the most amazing dresses out of paper {Fashion by Mayhem}

Great idea to teach music to small children (mostly preschool/early elementary). There's ideas for musical games, projects (like making their own instruments), experiments, and suggestions for great kids' music albums (musical audiobooks, classical, etc.). Awesome resource!

weaving with lavender. yarn and natural objects

box / children art- interesting way to display observational drawing

adam frezza terri chiao - paper plants