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Artsy Techniques & Creative Ideas

Build, make, create, paint, and more

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Artsy Techniques & Creative Ideas

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Garland of Gratitude | creativity in motion

Garland of Gratitude

Gratitude Garland | Gypsy Girls is the correct link for it. Be sure to check the link before repinning...many a carrier pigeon on Pinterest pins and does check link.

Gratitude garland | Gypsy Girls Guide

Interpreting Mandalas With Inner Body Focusing

Expressive Art Therapy Activity # 93 - Keeping a Daily Aspiration Journal

DIY: turn an old suitcase into a mini theatre

Theatre Tutorial - -

6 Degrees of Creativity eBook: This 45 page, full color eBook was inspired by the series of 2014 6 Degrees of Creativity on-line workshops and includes ideas related to exploring and empowering each theme through written how-to’s, PDFs, inspiring links, artist spotlights, and more for your creative practice & art making!

eBook | 6 Degrees of Creativity

Defining a clients problem creatively: An art exercise for therapists | Inner Canvas

Symbolic Projections: Layered {Response} Art

Symbolic Projections: Layered {Response} Art

Values, Virtues & Vision: Creative Exploration into Covenant Caregiving Continues | creativity in motion

Cancer survivor doodles to help ease the pain

Art therapy: Cancer survivor doodles to help ease the pain

Helping Kids Manage Anxiety with Art

Helping Kids Manage Anxiety with Art - Imperfect Families

Weaving offers many metaphors that can be used in art therapy. It's very relaxing and forgiving if you accept the imperfections that will arise.

Self-geography map.

I spent some time going through my collection of children’s books that I commonly use in art therapy group work w/ school aged youth (ages 6-12) and pre-school aged children and created this list:

Beautiful matchbox books for art and storytelling

literacy and art ideas

Hearts for Ferguson is a project that was started to show love and support for the children and families of Ferguson. The goal is to create hearts for all 11,000 students in the Ferguson. Art therapist Susie Dietz McgGaughey shares more in this video....

Hearts for Ferguson to create 11,000 hearts for students

Destruction & Transformation in Art & Therapy: Re-Framing, Re-Forming, Re-Claiming | creativity in motion

Compassion & Creativity | creativity in motion

Compassion & Creativity

How Art Therapy Can Help Manage Stress | Healthy Harvest House :: Art making and working creatively can increase our levels of serotonin and dopamine, chemicals in our brain that influence happiness and relaxation.

How Art Therapy Can Help Manage Stress | Healthy Harvest House

Compassion Games 2014: Team 6 Degrees of Creativity Creative Deeds Go Global | artevolutions :: It has been an amazing 11 days adventure creating and connecting to others, oneself and the earth....It is simply beautiful how this global initiative generated awesome secrets agents of compassion to spread the message and make the world we live in a little brighter with every contribution!!!

Wrap Up: Creative Deeds in Action @ the 2014 Compassion Games | 6 Degrees of Creativity

Wrap Up: Creative Deeds in Action @ the 2014 Compassion Games

In celebration of International Day of Peace----- with a square of fabric or paper using markers, paint, or whatever material you choose, create a Peace Flag that you can display somewhere special as a visual reminder to yourself, others in your work & life, or in the community about the power of peace, as well as a reflection of what peace symbolizes to you and for the world.

International Day of Peace Flag

The word mandala in Sanskrit means circle and this shape can represent wholeness, integration, & a creative way to nurture a centering & unifying presence. Create a mandala with your material of choice that expresses what compassion means to you. #creativedeed #compassiongames

Compassion Mandala