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dirtiest Players deliver songs that are tyrannical, yet funny and stylish. They present a unique, current, and fresh perspective on what they think music can be.

Nick Duane is a veteran American musician who has played guitar and bass with several regional New England acts and has recorded solo Indie albums.

Your Fuzzy Friends | Our danceable electro-pop sounds and amusing antics will having you shaking your ass and laughing it off at the same time.

Sea Perry | Folk Band from Sudbury, ON, CA easy to listen and make this day flow like an fresh water

The Best Instrumentals Makes The Best Music Some music can make it with just having good instrumentals. I personally don’t like Justin Beiber. But when I listen to his song closely, I found that it has great instrumentals. So I listen to all types of artists to get a feel for the industry. In the same way, great music will not be produced without the best instrumentals.

Pro Audio Thailand is an authorized distributor for leading global brands in the audio industry. We provide high-end audio equipment and accessories, and Audio editing, mixing and sound restoration services. With experienced and knowledgeable professionals, we offer valuable insight into the products we sell, and can assist in various capacities for all audio projects.

aidan nolan: gallery

Bretts djb Ortiz, passion for music has not missed a beat, style is very unique, every set is far from being the same.

The Doss - Raging Hormones The Doss is an indiecore band from Abingdon, UK. The debut EP, which is now up for free streaming, was recorded at their school studio over two weeks. For fans of Muse, Nirvana, Pulled Apart By Horses and Bloc Party.