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My Favourite Hindi Thoughts

Welcome to Pinterest Page of my Hindi Thought's Blog . Here Read HD Hindi Thoughts from famous thinkers of India and world in Hindi in the form of HD Picture Messages.

Hindi Thoughts: Don't preach others about a sorrow (Hindi Thought) जिस दुःख को आपने खुद ना सहा हो

Hindi Thoughts: The most happy is (Hindi Thought) सबसे खुश व्यक्ति वह है

Hindi Thoughts: The cost of things is measured (Hindi Thought) चीज़ों की क़ीमत

Hindi Thoughts: Hindi Thought HD Picture Message on Merit/Edification योग्यता/नसीहत

Hindi Thoughts: Hindi Thought Picture Message on Condemnation निंदा

Hindi Thoughts: Don't try to build your happiness on the unhappiness of others (Hindi Thought) by Mahatma Buddha

Hindi Thoughts: People who speak good about you in your presence (Hindi Thought) जो लोग आपके सामने आपके बारे में अच्छा बोलते है

Hindi Thoughts: What keeps us stuck in the past (Hindi Thought) जो चीज़ हमें अतीत में फंसा के रखती है

Hindi Thoughts: If a man wants to learn (Hindi Quote by Mahatma Gandhi) यदि आदमी सीखना चाहे

Hindi Thoughts: Only Those who care about you (Hindi Thoughts) सिर्फ वो लोग जो आपकी परवाह करते है

Hindi Thoughts: When your criticism agitates you (Hindi Thought) जब आप अपनी आलोचना सुन कर उत्तेजित हो जाते है

Hindi Thoughts: Those who decides to be on one side (Hindi Thought) जो इस पार या उस पार का संकल्प करते है

Hindi Thoughts: Hindi Thought Picture Message on Relationships रिश्ते

Hindi Thoughts: Anger begins with folly (Hindi Thought) क्रोध मूर्खता से शुरू होता है

Hindi Thoughts: Until you get comfortable with being alone (Hindi Thought) जब तक कि आप अकेले होने पर आरामदायक महसूस

Hindi Thoughts: Let Our Advance Worrying Become (Hindi Thought) अपनी आने वाले कल की चिंताओं को

Hindi Thoughts: Four natural qualities of a man (Hindi Quote by Chanakya) मनुष्य के स्वाभाविक गुण है

Hindi Thoughts: Great People make you feel (Hindi Thought) Great People make you feel

Hindi Thoughts: The worst lies are the lies (Hindi Thought) जीवन में सबसे खराब झूठ वह होते है

Hindi Thoughts: Forgive others for their mistakes (Hindi Thought) जितना जल्दी हो सके दूसरों को उनकी गलतियों

Hindi Thoughts: By finishing a work of which you were fearful (Hindi Thoughts) जिस काम को करने में डर लगता है,

Hindi Thoughts: There are two main reasons of the unhappiness (Hindi Thought) इंसान के दुःखी होने के दो प्रमुख कारण है

Hindi Thoughts: Even handless people do have fate (Hindi Thought) मुकद्दर उनका भी होता है जिनके हाथ ही नहीं होते