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Parenting perspectives

Parenting as a Gen Xer: We’re the first generation of parents in the age of iEverything - The Washington Post

When does a strong boy stop and an aggressive boy begin? The value of humility.

Raising Boys - Dad's advice for Moms. This one is great.

Raising Boys (A Dad's Advice for Moms) -

Time - Exercise Makes Kids’ Brains More Efficient

Exercise May Change Kids' Brains for the Better

Mom of ADHD child reviews our My Growing Up Reward Chart: Most ADHD experts and physicians will tell you, the moment your child is diagnosed with ADHD, to start using a behavioral reward system of some sort. There’s the token system where your child earns tokens for good behavior and then can “buy” privileges. I have tried many, many iterations of a behavioral reward system in our house since my son, Luke, was diagnosed with ADHD in late 2008. None with any success… until now...

Raising boys is both a joy and a challenge for most mothers. Research shows that boys need moms in order to grow into healthy men. This article identifies 17 important things a boy needs from a mom and how important it is that moms respect their son's energy level, unique learning style, and special sense of wonder.

Parenting Boys: What Boys Need From Moms

Raising a Moral Child - "Shame is the feeling that I am a bad person, whereas guilt is the feeling that I have done a bad thing. Shame is a negative judgment about the core self, which is devastating: Shame makes children feel small and worthless, and they respond either by lashing out at the target or escaping the situation altogether. In contrast, guilt is a negative judgment about an action, which can be repaired by good behavior."

Don't become as difficult as the child whose behavior is over the top. Sure you'll make mistakes, but remember to model the behavior that you want in return. (View only)

The Learning Myth: Why I'll Never Tell My Son He's Smart Tue, 19 Aug 2014 14:43:00 By: Salman Khan

The Learning Myth: Why I'll Never Tell My Son He's Smart

“For years, mental health professionals taught people that they could be psychologically healthy without social support, that 'unless you love yourself, no one else will love you.' …The truth is you cannot love yourself unless you have been loved and are loved. The capacity to love cannot be built in isolation. — Bruce D. Perry, M.D., Ph.D., “The Boy Who Was Raised As A Dog”

Optimism Word Cloud - from the "8 Keys to Raising Optimistic Kids" post at One Time Through. #parenting #kids #preschoolers

8 Keys to Raising Optimistic Kids - One Time Through