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Cute Nomad Quilt Indoor/Outdoor Throw Pillow

birds tattoo


Pleased to share a draft of an article Daniel Kreiss and I are working on for the upcoming International Encyclopedia of Communication Theory and Philosophy. We think this compliments some of the g...

Cloud server called "digital ocean" SSD Cloud Server, VPS Server, Simple Cloud Hosting | DigitalOcean

Massive Flooding Damages Several NYC Data Centers nyc-sandy-impact

A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace

Random-access memory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Server (computing) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

New ways Internet of Things will create new business opportunities Discover the digital universe of opportunities: rich data and the increasing value of the Internet of things. The EMC Digital Universe study – with research and analysis by IDC – is the only study to quantify and forecast the amount of data produced annually. The 2014 report projects the growth of the digital universe through 2020.

History of the Internet (1969-2012) The Internet, a Decade Later GIF

Made With IBM - United States


Bitcoin 101: The Digital Currency Revolution Infographic

To respond to the higher sophistication and expectation levels of the hyper-connected consumer, businesses need integrated digital marketing

Positive Digital Footprint for Students



Link to the Brief History of the Internet pdf