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Free!! Do your students need extra practice mastering basic multiplication facts? When students do not know their basic facts automatically, it interferes with their ability to do more complicated math. This PowerPoint will help your students become much more automatic with their knowledge of multiplication facts!

FREE Multiplication PowerPoint 2s- Winter Theme

I wish someone would have taught me this a long time ago so I would remember gallons, quarts, pints, and cups!

Jack and the Beanstalk. Math, Literature, and science

Math Coach's Corner: Using Number Bracelets to Develop Number Sense

learn the 6 multiplication tables with a song!

Waldorf ~ 2nd grade ~ Math ~ Multiplication ~ 6s Times Table Song ~ video


My school agers do this a couple nights a week. Really helpful with math facts

Love this idea! Have each child make one of these. Give each child a sheet with everyone's name on it. They walk around and ask their peers, "What time is it?". Without "telling", they simply show their watch. Times are recorded on the record sheet. When each child has "asked" everyone, meet back and check.

Sight Word Bowling - a great way to get kids moving, playing and learning!

Sight Word Bowling - a great way to get kids moving, playing and learning!

Looking for a fun Math activity? Get out the water beads and play these fun math games.

Sing the song of the Commutative Property for First or Second Grade.

Play multiplication games for each number...printables

I like this math journal. Although the teacher that posted this teaches 5th grade, I think it can be modified for the youngers, too. Great idea for teaching about symmetry.

Anchor chart and printable song lyrics for RANGE and MEAN (Average).

Modeling lines and angles using toothpicks... Students describe each in an index card glued to the back