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Love facts (couple,cute,lol,relationship,relationships,girl,fun,funny,psychology,statistics)

Love fact. So so so true

Okay so I can then die from a broken heart for falling in love with a fictional character...that's going to look nice on my obituary

Love facts (couple,kiss,love,cute,red,relationship,relationships,girl,relax,psychology)

We cuddle all the damn time, and certainly every night. :))) one of my favorite things ever.

Love facts, Jesus has provided it, for all people. Believe it!

Love Facts on imgfave

Love facts (society,stress,anxiety,pain,text,yellow,white,alone,lonely,did you know)

Love facts / Your daily dose of love facts (More about Wayne... (pink,girl,girls,love,cute,couple,relationship,cool,disney,wedding)

Love facts (true,so true,sotrue,stress,overthink,overthinking,over think,love,facts,depression)

  • James Frye

    Hahaha I thought it might let ya know I feel the same way too :P

  • Brittany McGlone

    Yeah..This needs to stop. Bye bye bad thoughts!

  • Kimberly Brooks

    Wow. This is my problem. The doctors just tell me I'm nuts!!! Lol

  • Mary Smith

    Except...depression is cause by a chemical imbalance. Which you can't think or overthink your way into. Unless you mean "sadness" instead of depression. Which is an emotion and not a sickness. You can't get a sickness from thinking.

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