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Good Ideas!!

(well..for the most part)

Cooking Spray as Grater Helper - Help keep your grater stay clean and not "gunk" up while shredding by first spraying it with a little cooking spray! {waste not want not}

Cooking New Uses for Old Things

Use vinegar instead of jet dry in your dishwasher - It keeps spots off your glasses and it helps keep your dishwasher clean

Sisters with Stuff: More uses for the ever versatile Vinegar!!!

Use Marshmallows on Sticks to Protect a Cake from Plastic Wrap while Transporting...perfect for a cake you plan on leaving somewhere!

Ice Cream Before Dinner

Great way to get rid of the unpopped kernels! I hate when one accidentally gets into a popped piece and then I chomp down on it :/

Hacks To Make Life Easier (48 Pics)

Keep the trash bag from slipping in the can by using two Command Hooks, one on each side of the can, upside down.