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Project Awesome (aka Mo's Life): In appreciation of critical care nurses...

Nurse humor

Nurse Humor

  • Melody Billington-Kunz

    Dear Rude Nurse: When my family member is ill I will ask 5000 questions and you will answer every single one of them. The one time I didn't ask a question because I assumed the nurse knew what she was doing my mother was killed by a negligent moron who couldn't properly clean an endotracheal tube. I usually don't bother commenting on pinterest because I don't like all the drama but this is offensive to every single person who has ever had someone die because the nurse or doctor told them they knew what was best.

  • Sarah Kumar

    Melody- very sorry about your mom. However, I don't think this post is in quite the same ballpark. Many times we have family members come in with the best intentions but are very ill-informed because they're using unrelieable resources from ANYWHERE on the internet... and use that as their basis for how they think their family member should be treated, etc... So of course the RN should answer as many questions as possible... it's just frustrating when the fam insists on something that couldn't be further from correct.