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Spirit Junkie

What it means to be a Spirit Junkie mom

Some may say the candy buffet idea is so over, but I really like the idea. Only thing is - why does all purple candy taste like grape?

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Breaking Bad Menu - Eat your heart out Breaking Bad fans by Michelle Diaz & Alec Jankowski THIS IS SO AMAZING!!! I love love!

The perfect fall walk = a hot apple cider + cool air + jacket & scarf

  • Duke Droese

    ashley,please stop wearing high top sneakers forever, 86 percent of americans don't wear high top sneakers ever. Wear midtop sneakers/chuck taylors and wedged sneakers instead of high top sneakers. Do this for your deceased loved ones, god and jesus want you to do this

  • Duke Droese

    ashley,i think you are the ugliest woman who ever lived.your face looks like someone need a nose job .ashley,you are the ugliest woman i ever saw.i hope you croak ashley

  • Emily Mahan

    Duke. What is wrong with you? Don't listen to them ash ♥

  • Kara


  • ♡ C h r i s t i n a ♡

    ummm...what the heck....are you blind? lol @Duke Droese

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I love everything about fall. Pumpkin anything, scarves, boots, sweaters, fires in the fireplaces, cuddling under a blanket, drinking coffee and reading a darn good book!!

3rd Grade Thoughts: Currently: October

I do this ALL the time!

Hearts to Uplift
  • Duke Droese

    Please ashley,stop wearing high top sneakers. noone wears high top sneakers.75-99 percent of americans don't wear high top sneakers. So why should you rebel? You look like trailer park trash in high top sneakers,wear chuck taylor or mid top sneakers instead ,got it

  • Duke Droese

    Please stop wearing high top sneakers forever. 85 percent of americans don't wear high top sneakers. wear mid top sneakers/chuck taylors instead. i will sue you if you don't listen

  • Archanaa

    Love you Ashley, don't listen to that dumbass

  • Katie King

    For real don't listen to him. Do what ever u want

  • ♡ C h r i s t i n a ♡

    haha wth? @Duke Droese everybody wears hightop sneakers in America.

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Oscar de la Renta

oscar says… « George & Ruby

Lets cant sleep together.

Let's can't sleep together.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

Alice in Wonderland

My Purple Dreams: Wonderland

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