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How to Laminate With an Iron. So happy I found this, I've been looking for a laminator but this is treasure!

Here is an awesome makeover that shows how cool looking you can make a plain wood IKEA chair. Diana Durkes cut capital S from a scavenged piece of 1/2″ thick wood using a jigsaw. After that she smooth its edges using 150 grit sandpaper. Next, she painted the letter and the chair using gold and turquoise spray paints and attached the S to the chair using wood glue. The result is very nice, right?

25 Spring Wreaths {DIY Decor}...time to get ready! :) #wreath #spring #diy

Easy Easy EASY..wooden pictures. Needed... Piece of wood. Modge Podge. Your favorite picture.. photocopied. Glue the picture on the board.. and modge podge over it a few times... let it dry and VOILA.. I also painted around my blocks to match.

Picture on Board with modge podge to look like canvas

Other things may change us...but we start and end with family.

How to modge podge glitter that wont fall off

love these little homemade knick knacks

Get your old vases and repurpose them! Gorgeous color BAKED vases.

Paint Furniture in 4 Easy Steps. I am so happy I found this--idea for kitchen table.

GOOD TO KNOW: a great tip for making a wreath: go to the plumbing department at Home Depot and grab a six foot long piece of foam tubing for $.97!! snip the length you want and duct tape the ends together. Foam ones are SO expensive!

Easy way to make hanging flower balls. Wiffle balls from dollar store, dollar store fake flowers, pull the stems off the flower, hot glue around the circle in the wiffle ball, press flower into the hole making sure the bottom of the flower, keep going until the ball is full of flowers, then hang with a ribbon. Genius!