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so true right now..the world needs to open its eyes and hearts...or its going to be to late for humanity

so love this (both the chair and the words on wood) ~ perfect for a sitting room or cozy corner

Hotel hallways…so true. I always expect to see the the two little girls in blue, holding hands, at the end of the hallway.

'Hey crafty Pinners I got a quick question- Where the hell are all of you getting these wood pallets from?!' (pop-Eggs Created eCards:

Mens Conspiracy

Bless your heart hahaha soooo true! People need reality checks

WHAT? FUCK YOUR TEAM! Steelers ALL day! How many rings yall got? Doesn't matter, we got more. Now shut the fuck up!


I'm never this excited for the end of Summer...but this year I am BEYOND ready for Fall and the Holiday season!

I've tried everything to get to sleep. W ell except that thing where you shut off your phone and close your eyes, but lets not get crazy

Love quotes

Oh man..... biggest pet peeve! Your not a horse chew with your mouth SHUT

How can you be ungrateful if you remember these words each and every day?